Project Trawler: Crime On The Information Highways

June 1999


121. The forging of close links between law enforcement and industry would be welcome. Together, business and law enforcement can raise public awareness about the risks posed by criminals on the Internet (e.g. advance fee frauds, passing personal financial details over insecure communications channels, etc.), promote best practices for IT security, and develop effective counter-crime tools and procedures. The ACPO/ISP/Government Forum is a useful initiative to foster a working relationship and help the parties to gain improved understanding of each other’s concerns. The cooperation of organisations such as the ISPs is crucial to the investigation of ‘computer crimes’ in order to benefit from in-house expertise and lawful access to subscriber and tracing information.

Webmaster's footnote, 30/11/2000: The Trawler report is no longer available from the NCIS Website. Printed copies can be obtained on request from Gail Kent, PR officer, NCIS.